The Coupon Era:


Be it a grocery store or a Coffee Shop, we are all on the look out for Coupons. Coupons have become an inseparable part of each one’s lives. Since these coupons offer you the same product for a lesser price and help you save your money, it has gains epitome in today’s era.


Sodexo Coupons:


Sodexo Coupons are a form of Shopping Coupon that is been given to the employees of the company. Sodexo is basically French Company that gives out such coupons to employees. This Company issues Vouchers for Restaurants, Food & Beverage Coupons, Grocery Coupons, entertainment coupons and many more to various private and government corporates. The entire management and processing of these coupons are taken care by the Sodexo Company.


Sodexo Coupons - Authorized:


In most of the countries the Sodexo coupons are authorized by government agencies and therefore they can be issued to the employees for the purchase of grocery, food, non-alcoholic beverages and the like from any of the outlets affiliated to Sodexo, without any legal issues. The only thing, which a Sodexo holder has to see, is that if the particular store is affiliated to Sodexo or not.


Sodexo Coupons – The Working:


Sodexo is a huge company with a value of over $20 Billion. The process of dealing with Sodexo Coupons basically is done as below:The Sodexo Company issues Sodexo Coupons.Next these coupons are issued to corporate companies all around the world.Then these companies distribute these Sodexo coupons to their Employees.The employees then shop with these coupons in Sodexo affiliated stores. Later the employees earn tax rebate for the amount spent.The Storeowners submit these Sodexo Coupons to the Sodexo Company and get cash worth the coupons.


Sodexo Coupons – The Profit Factor:


Now that you are clear with about how this Sodexo coupon’s work, there is one question that rises about the profit generation through these coupons. Who are the people benefited by these Sodexo Coupons and How Does it happen?


Beneficiaries of Sodexo Shopping Coupons:


There are four parties associated throughout this whole process and all of them are benefited in one way or the other.


1st Party – Sodexo Company:


The Sodexo Company issues the coupons to corporates, which is then distributed to its employees and the employees spend the coupons in stores. The storeowner returns these Sodexo coupons back to the company and get paid for it. Now while paying for the coupon, the Sodexo Company takes a commission for itselfranging from 5% to 7%.  This actually turns out to be the profit for the company.


2nd Party – The Store Owner:


The storeowner benefits from new customers and they see an increase in sales of their stores. They also have an opportunity to convert these new customers as their loyal customers. This actually increases the entire profit of the store as such.


3rd Party – The Coupon Holder:


As a coupon holder, you actually get the benefits of coupons offered. They also get the mental satisfaction of being rewarded.  Later they can avail of tax rebates for the amount spent.


4th Party – The Organization:


The Organization, which distributes the Sodexo Coupons to its employee, happens to be the 4th party.  By giving such coupons to their employees, they actually boost them up and increase their interest and loyalty towards the company. So all these parties are interrelated and all of them mutually benefit by this process of coupon distribution.


Human Mentality towards Coupon Usage:


Generally people often hesitate to spend real cash but when given an option to spend money through coupons and cards, they actually do a lot more of shopping. This is the normal human tendency, although the amount, which they spend, either be it real cash or through cards or coupons, both of them happen to be their own hard earned money. But when real cash is not spent from their hand, they actually tend to spend on more luxurious things rather than necessary things.




These Sodexo Coupons are helpful to people who fall in the taxable category, for others this is not going to be a big deal.

These Sodexo Coupons are helpful to people who fall in the taxable category, for others this is not going to be a big deal.

These Sodexo Coupons are helpful to people who fall in the taxable category, for others this is not going to be a big deal.